OSAE Past Presidents

Term Name Association During Term
1963-1964 George Nigh Lieutenant Governor
1964-1965 *Ben Blackstock Oklahoma Press Association
1965-1966 Retha Duggan Oklahoma Society of CPAs
1966-1967 *Bob Rollins Oklahoma Consumer Finance Group
1967-1968 *Niles Engle Association of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors of OKC, Inc.
1968-1969 *John Conner, CAE Oklahoma Automobile Dealers Association
1969-1970 *Charles Jones Oklahoma Automobile Dealers Association
1970-1971 *Leroy Oxford Oklahoma Optometric Association
1971-1972 *Jim Bradshaw Oklahoma City Retail Association, Inc.
1972-1973 Jim Wasson Oklahoma Bankers Association, Inc.
1973-1974 Bob Berry, CAE Oklahoma Dental Association
1974-1975 Forrest Wilkins Better Business Bureau
1975-1976 *Bob Jones, CAE Oklahoma Osteopathic Association
1976-1977 Leigh Nichols, CAE Oklahoma Association of Realtors
1977-1978 Dave Fellers Oklahoma Oil Marketers Association
1978-1979 *Paul Matthews Highway Users Federation
1979-1980 Ed Kelsay, CAE, ASAE Fellow Oklahoma Foundation for Peer Review
1980-1981 Leo Cravens, CAE Oklahoma State Home Builders Association
1981-1982 *Elden Roscher Oklahoma Retail Grocers Association
1982-1983 *Justin Hill Oklahoma Restaurant Association
1983-1984 John Orr Oklahoma LP Gas Association
1984-1985 Charles Stuckey, CAE Oklahoma Oil Marketers Association
1985-1986 *Richard Shepherd The Shepherd Company
1986-1987 Lyn Williams-Jacquemont Oklahoma Electrical League
1987-1988 *Charles Simone Independent Insurance Agents of Oklahoma, Inc.
1988-1989 John Donner Oklahoma Pharmaceutical Association
1989-1990 Pat Hall, CAE, ASAE Fellow Oklahoma Public Employees Association
1990-1991 Charlotte Edwards, CAE Oklahoma Association of Career & Technology Education
1991-1992 Stann Orr, CAE, ASAE Fellow National Association of Legal Secretaries
1992-1993 Jim Sullins, CAE Consulting Engineers Council of Oklahoma
1993-1994 Matt Robison, CAE Oklahoma Grocers Association
1994-1995 Lyle Kelsey, CAE, CMBE Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure & Supervision
1995-1997 Daryl Hill, CAE Oklahoma Society of CPAs
1997-1998 Bill Moyer, CAE Oklahoma Municipal League
1998-1999 Danna Fowble, CCM, IOM Norman Convention & Visitors Bureau
1999-2000 Debra Bailey, CAE Oklahoma Restaurant Association
2000-2001 Ronn Cupp The State Chamber
2001-2002 Sam Blackstock, CAE Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians
2002-2003 Jim Hopper Oklahoma Grocers Association
2003-2004 Jane Nelson, CAE Oklahoma Nurses Association
2004-2005 Brian Foy Oklahoma State Medical Association
2005-2006 Sam Wade National Rural Water Association
2006-2007 Kris Sanders The Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits
2007-2008 Stan Sweeney, RN Council of Home Care Associations
2008-2009 Greta Stewart, MPH, CAE Oklahoma Primary Care Association
2009-2010 Sheri Penner, CAE Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers
2010-2011 Tawni Phelan, CAE, CMP Oklahoma Society of CPAs
2011-2012 J. Scott Hopkins, CAE National Electric Contractors Association
2012-2013 Scott Dewald Rural Enterprises of Oklahoma 
2013-2014 Cheryl Harder Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education
2014-2015 David Finley, CAE

Oklahoma Sheet Metal Contractors Association

2015-2016 Mita Bates, CCE Ardmore Chamber of Commerce
2016-2017 Mark Thomas

Oklahoma Press Association

2017-2018 Kathy Musson, CAE Oklahoma Chapter of the American College of Physicians
2018-2019 Doug Tapp AGC of Oklahoma
2019-2020 Dan Yates Ground Water Protection Council
2020-2021 Janice Bunting, CAE National Weather Association
2021-2022 Heatherlyn Burton, CAE  Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians
 2022-2023  Sean Voskuhl  AARP Oklahoma

* - Deceased